Setting up a home theater system is a complex process best managed by technology specialists in order to fully benefit from the complete home theater experience. Don’t risk your entertainment investment. Enlist the help of qualified Mastermind Group LP technicians to properly set up entertainment systems at your residence in the Del Mar region.

Protect your investment: Once you have purchased your home entertainment system, avoid aggravation and potentially dangerous electrical hazards. Contact Mastermind Group LP to troubleshoot and ensure that all wiring is safely installed and configured and poses no threat to family members and pets.

The basic components of a home theater system

Home entertainment centers include delicate and complex components: Large hi definition screens; Blu-ray and/or DVD players; technologically advanced satellite receivers; one or more amplifiers and a sound system with a minimum of 5 surround sound speakers and a subwoofer to an 11.2 Atmos surround system. Plus a verity of other options like streaming devices like Apple TV or Roku, or gaming systems like Sony Play station and Xbox, voice interaction, video conferencing and on and on. Such varied and intricate set-ups require a skilled technical team to design and build. Mastermind Group is licensed, and insured with seasoned professional technicians.

Do you want music everywhere? Contact Mastermind Group LP let’s talk about your options, with a free consultation.

Mastermind Group LP provides setup, calibration, configuration, programming and installation of whole home sound systems in the Rancho Santa Fe area. If you are upgrading your system, we can match up your new equipment to your current technology and make any necessary adjustments or recommendations. Our experts are also available for house calls to troubleshoot any technology problem.

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