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- Homes and businesses that were built even as little as a decade ago were designed with a standard that cannot keep up with today’s rapidly advancing standards. No longer can you count on the Cat5 standard of a decade ago. If you are remodeling or building today you’ll be ten years behind if you let someone tell you Cat5 is all you need. Renovations, upgrades and additions made over time can take a significant toll on the networks that your commercial or residential property was originally designed with. They just can’t keep up with you ever expanding demands. Trust the licensed technology experts at Mastermind Group LP to provide professional inspections to diagnose and upgrade the interior wiring of your commercial or residential property in Rancho Santa Fe.

Faulty Wiring – A Serious Threat

- Protect your family and business from potential harm posed by faulty or outdated wiring with a Mastermind Group LP inspection. We can determine if your home or business is in compliance with strict Rancho Santa Fe standards.

Whether upgrading your property or wiring a brand new construction, rely on Mastermind Group LP for the following:

  • Inspection and assessment of current low voltage wiring condition
  • Interior lighting design, installation, and automation
  • Receptacles & wiring for phone, data, audio & cable TV
  • Surge protection
  • LED lighting upgrades

For a full diagnosis, electrical inspection and free written estimate, contact Mastermind Group LP experts at (858) 442-9310.